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Can You Put Water-Soluble CBD Under Your Tongue?

Many CBD-focused articles and experts say that placing CBD under your tongue is the best way to take the substance.

But why? And what about water-soluble CBD?

Let’s take a look.

What is Sublingual Application?

When a substance is taken sublingually (under the tongue), it enters directly into the bloodstream and is immediately transported to your body tissues.

Digestion is a long process in which the substance needs to be ingested and broken down by stomach acids and enzymes. It then travels to the small intestine, where nutrients are absorbed before it passes into the large intestine to eliminate waste products.

But sublingual application bypasses digestion, making it a shortcut. Besides a speedier onset, sublingual application offers something else; a higher bioavailability. When compounds pass through digestion, they can lose their potential bioavailability.

Although sublingual delivery is often superior to other methods for some substances, it isn't always so. For example, some B vitamins need to be activated by the liver before their full benefits can manifest—but most vitamins and medications work better when consumed sublingually.

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But what about CBD? Can you put water-soluble CBD underneath your tongue?

The answer is yes; there is nothing wrong with putting water-soluble CBD underneath your tongue.

But is it vital? No.

Water-soluble CBD is designed to help with increased bioavailability. While the sublingual application will heighten the speed of effect onset, water-soluble CBD will still bypass the digestive system if you drink it.

Why place non-water-soluble CBD under the tongue?

When an oil-based cannabinoid is ingested, its bioavailability—the rate it becomes available to the body's cells—is limited because the oil particles are hydrophobic and do not dissolve well in water. This is why people are encouraged to place oil-based CBD underneath their tongues.

Water is the body's main constituent, so it has difficulty absorbing and processing oil. But when you introduce water-soluble substances like CBD, the body will absorb and process these substances more easily than oil-based substances.

If you consider that placing a substance under the tongue is done to speed up the process and bypass digestion, is it all that necessary with water-soluble substances? The answer is an easy no; it is not necessary. Will it be harmful? Absolutely not, so you could place the water-soluble CBD under your tongue if you wish to do so.

Otherwise, drinking a CENTR CBD Sparkling Water or mixing a CENTR Instant Powder Sachet in your water bottle or daily smoothie is a great way to give your body easy access to CBD, in a similar way that placing oil-based CBD drops under your tongue would be.

Types of Water-Soluble CBD

You will likely see two different types of water-soluble CBD: liquid and powder form.

Liquid water-soluble CBD is perfect for a ready-made drink like CENTR CBD Sparkling Water.

Centr Instant Powder

CENTR’s Instant CBD Powder sachets are easy to mix, and you can get an unflavored option to mix into your favorite food or drink without adjusting the taste!

Of course, there are more flavors to choose from- but don’t take our word for it. Browse through CENTR’s range of Instant Powders and Sparkling Water and select your favorite.

Why Water-Soluble CBD is Superior

The body can digest and absorb CBD more easily in an emulsion form than it can in other oils because the oil within the emulsion particle is recognized by the human body as being "water-friendly."

Emulsion technology breaks down oils into tiny particles, making them more easily absorbed by the gut. Because the absorption and digestion process is so easy for the body, consumers typically feel the effects of water-soluble CBD within 10 to 20 minutes after ingestion.

Because its water-soluble nature means it can be easily absorbed into the body, CBD that is added to drinks, foods, or other consumables can have a more powerful ( and by powerful, we mean bioavailable) effect than if taken under another form.

Conclusion: Can you Put Water-Soluble CBD Under Your Tongue?

When CBD is formulated in a way that allows it to dissolve in water, you can enjoy all of the benefits without worrying about low absorption levels.

Taking CBD and placing it under the tongue is typically done to avoid the digestive system and heighten bioavailability. With Water soluble CBD, you don't have to worry about all that; therefore, it is unnecessary to place it under your tongue.

Can you do it? Sure! Should you do it? It is not necessary at all.

It seems silly when all you could do is pop open a can of refreshing CENTR CBD Sparkling Water or throw a quick-dissolving CBD Instant Powder Sachet in your drink.

It really is that simple to get high bioavailable, high-quality CBD without needing to put it under your tongue. There's an easier way to enjoy your CBD, and it starts right here at CENTR.