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CBD Drinks Decoded: Nanotechnology, Nanoemulsion & Solubility

If you've done some digging on CBD drinks, you've probably come across an argument that CBD drinks are a waste of time and money. But that kind of negativity is best left to people who don't do their homework. It all boils down to how a CBD drink is made or, more specifically, what kind of CBD is used for these trendy new beverages.

If you've been curious about sparkling CBD waters but need to check if CBD drinks are just the latest gimmick or if they're actually as good as they seem, this article is for you.

Because CBD is a fat-soluble cannabinoid, it is often difficult to get the full benefits of this chemical if you take CBD in any form other than oil.

However, as our knowledge about cannabis grows, and water-solubility becomes more desirable for beverage makers, we have learned how to make water-soluble CBD by homogenizing oils into emulsions using liposome nanotechnology.

This article describes how (and why) manufacturers use nanotechnology to make CBD soluble in water.

As medicinal marijuana and THC become more legal and accepted, interest in the non-psychoactive component of cannabis—cannabidiol (CBD)—is also growing. Because CBD does not produce psychoactive effects, it has become increasingly popular in the form of isolated extracts.

Like THC, CBD is hydrophobic. This means that it does not dissolve well in water, making it hard for our bodies to absorb and use. Before we explore how to make CBD water soluble, it's helpful to understand what it means for a substance to be water-soluble—and why this property is so important.

The Nature of Water Solubility

A substance is considered water-soluble if it dissolves easily in water. This definition, however, does not explain why some substances dissolve well and others don't—in fact, the answer lies within a molecule's electrical charge.

Charge is a fundamental aspect of matter — the property that makes substances either mix or separate when combined. This happens because negatively charged electrons (which have been stripped away from their atoms during chemical reactions) exert an attractive force on other negatively charged particles, leading to the attraction between them.

Why is Water Solubility Important?

Water solubility is essential for many reasons, including the bioavailability of substances in our digestive tract.

To be well-absorbed by the body, a substance must dissolve in water. This is because the fluid inside our intestinal tract is mainly composed of water, so it assimilates water-based substances easier.

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Understanding Miscibility and Emulsions

Different liquids have different levels of miscibility: water-soluble compounds dissolve easily in water, and fat-soluble compounds dissolve easily in oils, but both can be made to mix with the help of emulsifiers. Emulsifiers are large molecules that can be polar on one end and nonpolar on the other.

Egg whites, for instance, contain a large emulsifier, allowing them to break into tiny droplets in water. Egg white protein molecules have polar and nonpolar parts, accounting for their ability to bind with a wide variety of other substances.

Adding eggs to the cake mix helps oil and water, which don't normally blend well with each other when used in baking recipes.

Fortunately, more advanced methods than egg whites have been devised to help make nonpolar substances miscible with water.

Using Nanotechnology to Make CBD Water-Soluble

The bioavailability of a substance can be increased through its solubility, but this is not straightforward, and scientists have worked hard to develop strategies for making substances more soluble.

Nanoparticles are like tiny bubbles that can be used to encapsulate hydrophobic molecules, such as fat-soluble substances like CBD. These nanoparticle delivery systems have emerged as one of the newest and most exciting innovations in cannabis research.

Nanoemulsions of CBD are more stable and easily digestible than non-nano forms, or more specifically, oil-based ones.

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