With sparkling water now a popular alternative to soda, it makes you wonder: is this new trend good for our health?

The sparkling water market has grown rapidly in recent years, with sales exceeding $4 billion in the United States alone.

For people who enjoy drinking carbonated water, its effervescence is often its most appealing quality. Old-fashioned soda drinkers are quite familiar with these sounds: Pull back on the tab and hear it hiss as you release its pressure; unscrew your bottle cap to pour yourself a glass of effervescence, delivering the pleasant feeling of your taste buds coming alive as the beverage hits your tongue with the quintessential pop on your tastebuds.

Another reason why some enjoy sparkling water is that many people find still water distasteful, but the carbonation makes it more palatable.

Does the carbonation detract from water’s hydrating quality? Is Sparkling Water even good for you? Let’s find out.

Is Sparkling Water Good for You?

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So you've stopped drinking soda and started drinking seltzer, but now you wonder if this is an improvement or just a change.

Good news: As long as the water contains no added citric acid, sweeteners, or sugars, it's a healthy choice.

You can’t beat a cold, refreshing drink on a hot day. Water (i.e.: hydration) is also exactly what our bodies need when we crave a refreshing drink. Sparkling water is one of the most popular ways to cool down. But “sparkling water” is an umbrella term for all kinds of things, from plain old H2O with bubbles to flavored, enhanced drinks. But not all sparkling water drinks are created the same and with the same production principles.

Here are some straight-shooting facts about one of America’s favorite beverages:

  • Most of us have sipped some refreshing mineral water before, but do you know what it is? Simply put, mineral water comes from either a well or a spring. It also typically comes with minerals such as calcium or magnesium.
  • Seltzer is a type of artificially-carbonated water that can also contain natural fruit flavors and/or sugar. The U.S. The Food and Drug Administration acknowledges that seltzer and sparkling water are different chemically (each identified by how they are carbonized), but for consumers, they’re essentially the same product: fizzy water with a kick of bubbles!
  • Club soda, a popular drink at bars and restaurants, is artificially flavored carbonated water with added minerals like sodium bicarbonate and potassium sulfate.
  • Tonic water is also carbonated, and producers add minerals, sugar, or even high-fructose corn syrup. But the one ingredient that sets tonic water apart from the rest is quinine, which gives tonic water the bitter taste synonymous with its name.

Seltzer and mineral water are sugar-free, so feel free to drink them freely — but limit the amount of tonic you consume. Quinine, the primary ingredient in tonic water, can cause an upset stomach as well as ringing in the ears and headaches. More seriously, it has been linked to organ damage and changes in heart rhythm.

Benefits of drinking sparkling water

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While carbonated water has fewer calories than sugary soda, juice, and energy drinks, what makes it better for you goes beyond its sugar content.

1. Helps you hydrate

If you have a hard time drinking enough water every day, try switching some of your usual still-water glasses for sparkling varieties without sugar. They’ll hydrate you just as well!

2. Makes you feel full

Drinking sparkling water may lead to an immediate sense of fullness, and some studies indicate that carbonated water can keep food in your stomach longer than regular water.

3. May relieve constipation

As odd as it sounds, this study shows that sparkling water could be helpful for people with constipation. Individuals who had been suffering from constipation after a stroke reported significant relief two weeks after beginning to drink sparkling water. Sparkling water has also been shown to relieve symptoms of indigestion.

4. Eases the transition from sugary drinks

People find it hard to give up a sweet drink habit, but sparkling water and seltzer are preferable to sugary sodas. And plain or carbonated water is better for you than any unhealthy beverage—especially those that have no sugar added.

Are there any side effects of sparkling water?

Drink Centr Sparkling Water

So long as you're drinking sparkling water that's free of sugar and caffeine, there should be no side effects. We mention caffeine here because, as we all know, caffeine is a glorious (and essential) addition to daily life, but it can also have a couple side effects if consumed in larger amounts.

The negative impact of soda on health is well documented, but little research exists showing how sparkling water impacts the body. There are, however, a couple concerns with sparkling water that contains too many additives. The carbonation within a sparkling beverage can also cause some gastrointestinal disruption, but only if you already have tummy troubles.

Stomach problems

There are some reports linking the following mild stomach problems with drinking sparkling water:

  • Bloating.
  • Gas.
  • Burping.
  • Stomach pain.

However, studies reveal contradicting results. This study shows that twenty-one people suffering with dyspepsia saw improved results after a two-week period.

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So, Is Sparkling Water Good for You?

Sparkling water is just as hydrating and healthy as regular water- just as long as you steer clear of those packed with sugar, sweeteners, and other potentially harmful ingredients.

Some sparkling water may have hidden sweeteners, sugars, and other potentially harmful additives. CENTR knows how to keep their sparkling water simple, but filled with the best ingredients to help you find your CENTR.