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CBD Drink Myths: Debunked

For most Americans, water is a necessity rather than something to get excited about — until it comes with bubbles.

Popular sparkling water brands have inspired a generation of bubbly water enthusiasts. Now, with the addition of CBD, we are seeing even more popularity funneling the success of sparkling water.

Whether you call it seltzer, sparkling water, or just plain old bubbly water — the drink is still essentially carbonated water. Although minimalist in design and concept, it has become a significant trend in the beverage industry. Statista, a global research firm, estimates Americans drank $6.04 billion of sparkling water in 2019.

With the current health and wellness trend, sparkling water is quickly overcoming soda in the race for popularity. CBD sparkling water has entered in a time ripe with consumers eager to find an option ready for reaping.

As such, CBD water seems to be gaining popularity by the day.

CBD-infused sparkling water seems to resonate with consumers more than other CBD products such as soda or beer. They are low in calories and sugar, do not make you intoxicated or high, and as a result, they have become increasingly popular nationwide. CBD-infused sparkling water seems to resonate more with consumers than other CBD products such as soda or beer.

But with so many companies advertising "CBD water" on social media and in stores, it can be difficult to make a choice.

There are two common myths we've seen lately:

1. Low Bioavailability

One of the most discussed issues concerning CBD drinks is the delivery method and bioavailability. Sure, bioavailability may not be a common word amongst most people, but it's pretty simple; let’s get into it.

Bioavailability is the extent to which a drug or other substance becomes available to the target tissue after administration. This can be expressed as a percentage of the administered dose.

For example, if a patient takes 10 mg of an oral medication and 5 mg of that dose reaches the area it’s intended for (the site in our body where it will have its desired effect), then that drug has a bioavailability of 50%.

So what does this mean for CBD drinks?

Well, most cannabinoids (including CBD) are not very water-soluble. This means they do not dissolve easily in water and cannot be absorbed by the body through the stomach or small intestine.

CBD chemical formulaTo make them bioavailable, they must undergo some sort of processing, including heating, cooling, and mixing with lipids or oils before ingestion. The main issue with some CBD drinks calls their bioavailability into question. It's simple enough to understand why; oil and water do not naturally mix.

One way to increase the bioavailability of CBD drinks is through the use of nanoemulsions. A nanoemulsion is a type of emulsion that contains tiny droplets that can be easily absorbed by cells.

The tiny droplets allow for an increased surface area, which makes it easier for the substance to be absorbed by the body. CENTR uses nano emulsification to ensure you get the maximum from the CBD in their beverages.

The bioavailability will be affected if a CBD drink has not been made with nanotechnology or emulsification. If, however, a CBD drink has been made with these technologies, you can be sure you are not falling into a CBD scam.

The main benefit of using nanoemulsions and microemulsions is that they allow for efficient absorption.

Enter CENTR, a company that uses nanoemulsions and microemulsions to create CBD drinks. They use nanotechnology and emulsification to ensure that the product is bioavailable when you consume it. This means you get all of the benefits of CBD without worrying about being scammed.

2. Not enough CBD in the drink

It’s tricky to determine how much of the CBD compound will work best for you. While experts disagree about the best way to take CBD, most agree that it is safe and effective for a person to begin with low doses.

How much CBD does a person need to be able to feel it?

centr cbd drink

This amount will differ from person to person, with various factors contributing to an individual’s ‘adequate’ dose.

CBD amount in CENTR drinks is higher than average

So, why is CENTR a better beverage regarding CBD amount per can?

CENTR's pride lies in the quality of ingredients used (including CBD) and the amount of CBD in each can. CENTR CBD Sparkling Water contains 30mg. This CBD content is higher than the average CBD beverage and allows a person to enjoy the benefits of CBD from just one can.


The most important takeaway from this article is that all CBD drinks are not the same. If you read somewhere that “all CBD drinks have too little CBD,” or "are not bioavailable," then your takeaway should be: The writer simply didn't do enough research on their subject matter!

Sure, some brands of CBD-infused water will contain low concentrations of CBD; other brands may not be formulated to allow your body to absorb any cannabinoids from the beverage. But, the emphasis is on some.

To make an informed decision about CBD, you should research the brand before buying. A lack of transparency in production or lab reports should be a red flag when considering purchasing from an unknown brand.

CENTR understands how important it is for you to trust in the quality of their CBD beverages, so they offer customers access to COAs. Make sure you get your better CBD beverage today; take a look at CENTR’s store today.