how cbd drinks actually calms you down

Do CBD Drinks Calm You?

CBD-infused drinks have been gaining popularity, but do CBD drinks calm you?

CBD-infused drinks have been gaining popularity, but they’re advertised as “relaxing.” Hemp (a strain of cannabis) is a popular subject right now. Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, so CBD goods, like CBD water, sourced from hemp are unlikely to make you high.

Do these beverages work as advertised? How do they serve our wellness? And do CBD drinks calm you?

The past few years have been hard. We are in a fast-paced world, and it can be challenging to take time for ourselves. There are people to meet, projects to work on, and errands to run.

How CBD Drinks Calmed Me

If we don’t take time for ourselves, we end up burnt out and uncreative. I know this because I’ve experienced it myself. Not only have I felt burnt out, but I’ve struggled to formulate creative ideas. When we’re not creative and inspired, it can be difficult to create things that are worth sharing with the world.

But what if there was a way to take some time for yourself? To be more creative and inspired? What if there was a simple trick that would help you find creative ideas and inspiration?

I wanted to find an answer to the question: Do CBD Drinks calm you? So, I decided to try CBD water. While not exactly considered 'taking time for myself, I wanted to find a way to help me relax into my work. Often, my mind is plagued with anxiety about work- which is detrimental to my productivity levels.

As a result, I can't focus and get less done. And as a result of that, I end up tenser as my to-do list grows. So, here's how CBD water helped me, this writer, become more relaxed, inspired, and productive.

Do CBD Drinks Calm you? Here’s my experience:

calm woman after drinking centr CBD sitting at home

CBD water seemed to help me ‘zone in’ and focus on the task at hand. Sometimes I develop content strategies; other times, I write new articles. Both can be mentally draining- especially if I'm already mentally exhausted.

With the CBD, I felt I could focus and get done whatever it was that needed doing. Not only that, but I enjoyed doing it! Being able to ease my mind enough to focus on doing what I love, that is, writing and strategizing about writing, gave me joy.

I did not feel like I forgot about the things plaguing my mind, but I could categorize them. So, in this sense, drinking CBD sparkling water did help me to quieten my nerves and get stuck in my writing.

How to Relax (and why you should)

Is there one single method to relax? No, not at all. Some crash on the sofa after a long day. Others find reprieve while grabbing drinks with friends. Whatever it is, we relax when we allow ourselves time away from responsibilities and the relentless loop of thoughts. It helps us feel rejuvenated.

Stress is an undeniable part of life. But if we don’t take time for ourselves to relax every once in a while, its effects can be debilitating.

Many struggle to relax due to the chaos of everyday life, such as financial difficulties, loneliness, or being overworked and underpaid.

We are increasingly looking for ways to relax and recharge, especially as our lives get busier. Meditation, exercise, and journaling are a few ways we can ease our minds. But at the end of the day, it comes down to your lifestyle.

It starts with lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is the key to regulating stress levels. This includes hitting your daily water goal, moving your body enough, and eating a balanced diet. People will find activities like journaling or spending time in nature are subjective. When it comes to activities- some might be more effective than others. But everyone needs to feel supported and take care of their health.

And yes, it all starts with lifestyle. But how can you make positive lifestyle changes if your mind is heavy with anxiety? It's possible, but it is not easy. That's why finding things that ease our mind is essential- it plays a role in the long game. Find little tricks to ease tension and relax. These little things add up and help you to cultivate a healthier lifestyle- reducing your overall tension and increasing your quality of life.

CBD may help support a healthier frame of mind, effectively helping you create a healthier lifestyle. When you choose to take a moment for yourself, why not do it with CBD Sparkling Water in hand?

Does CBD make you feel relaxed?

CBD has been catching on around the world as more and more are starting to hear about it. One of the most prominent reasons consumers use it is because they claim it helps to bring a steadier sense of mind.

Many users of CBD report that the compound helps them relax and find a sense of inner peace.

People who use CBD regularly say it helps to relieve stress, promote a good night's sleep, and enhance their mood.

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, one of the many active compounds found in cannabis (particularly hemp) plants. Unlike its cousin, THC, it does not produce a psychoactive effect. But those who use it say it is their best bet to ease anxiety or treat pain and support overall wellness gently.

Some CBD users report the compound supports a more relaxed body and mind. Some users say CBD assists them when they're feeling anxious. Others say it's great if they're wound up from a long day.

If you struggle with relaxing, CBD may be right for you. Whether that is trying out cannabidiol oil or a new CBD product, there are numerous options at your disposal.

Do CBD Drinks Calm You? Try CENTR CBD & Find out

man drinking cbd drink from a can

When you enjoy a can of CENTR CBD, the process itself becomes relaxing—it gives you some time to recharge and reflect.

How do you try to relax during the evening? You might try to substitute drinking a sugar-free CBD beverage in place of your usual glass of wine.

Sometimes people have a hard time falling asleep, even if they are physically tired. If this is the case, try using CBD before bed instead of drinking alcohol. Alcohol can keep you awake as your body struggles to go into a deep rest.

The one benefit of CBD is that it can be a fun alcohol replacement. You enjoy a CENTR drink with food at night and go to sleep knowing that you won’t wake up feeling hungover in the morning.

High doses of CBD may cause anxiety in some. So you should experiment with different levels to see what's right for you. The good news is that CBD is not addictive. This means you won't have to worry about withdrawal symptoms or cravings if you stop taking it.

Because most CBD-infused drinks contain 15 to 30 milligrams of the substance, you likely won't experience an increase in anxiety.

It usually takes a few minutes to feel an effect after drinking CBD. The effects won't last as long or get you as high as traditional marijuana or THC. This could be an additional benefit if you think about it!

Finding the Right CBD Brand

So, do CBD drinks calm you? It's all about finding the right product. People are looking to benefit their health, and the wellness market is one of the top-performing industries.

This opens the stage for new and alternative products (like cannabis-based ones) to get under the spotlight. With the popularity of CBD, sellers have flooded the market with misinformation and low-quality products.

Many people are confused about which CBD products to buy, given the growing number of options.

A 2017 research study published in JAMA suggests that about 70% of CBD products are inaccurately labeled. This can add to an already overwhelmed mind for people prone to anxiety.

CENTR CBD is a brand that offers third party lab reports on all its products. So, you can be sure you're getting exactly what you think: a refreshing, delicious CBD Sparkling Water to drink.