Does CBD Show on a Drug Test?

Does CBD Show on a Drug Test?

Does CBD show on a drug test? The answer is not as clear-cut as you might think.

You might have heard of CBD, the trendy health product taking over the market.

But you're probably wondering: Will it affect my drug test?

Bottom Line: Does CBD show on a drug test?

CBD usually does not show up on a drug test. The quality of the CBD product you purchase could determine if it will show up on a drug test or not.

This can be frustrating if you're an athlete or work in a competitive environment. CBD is a non-intoxicating substance, so you can't get high off it unless THC is present. CBD products usually won't appear on a drug test.

Drug tests typically test for traces of THC in your system, not CBD. So would CBD show on a drug test? While many products claim zero THC or trace (0.3%) amounts of THC, they may still carry some THC. But there is a simple solution: only buy your CBD products from trusted companies that offer third-party lab reports. This is how you can be sure your product does not contain any THC.

In this post, we will go over:

  • The difference between THC and CBD
  • Different drug tests you might be subject to
  • And how to find the best CBD that won’t show up on a drug test.

CBD vs. THC (and why it matters for drug tests)


CBD is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis that has been used for thousands of years for its therapeutic benefits. It's used to treat various conditions, ranging from chronic pain and insomnia to anxiety and depression.

But, it’s not the only cannabinoid in marijuana (there are approximately 100, with researchers potentially finding more).

Cannabis contains two main cannabinoids: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is what gets you high, while CBD doesn't produce any psychoactive effects. While both substances are present in marijuana plants, some plants have been bred to contain specific amounts of THC or CBD.

One type of cannabis sativa, in particular, has less than 0.3% THC, and that’s the hemp plant.

So, in theory, if your CBD products are derived from hemp, you should safely pass a drug test, right? Well, that depends on your product choice. This is because the market is flooded with an assortment of CBD products made by brands that aren’t too bothered about their quality. That being said, there are many brands and companies that are committed to providing high-quality products that you can trust. So, how do you know which CBD company to trust?

The answer lies in plain sight. You need to have access to the company’s third-party lab reports. These lab test results will show you precisely what cannabinoids are in the products and at what percentage. As an extra backup, you can check reviews and read up on other people’s experiences with a particular brand.

What strategies does CENTR use to create the most effective CBD-based products?

To create CBD-based products of the highest quality, CENTR is committed to using the most effective and consistent packaging possible. To ensure that the products are being made consistently and in a quality-controlled environment, laboratories are employed to test the products. CENTR have ongoing monitoring from laboratory testing, so they can ensure that the claimed CBD content is maintained. This includes:

  • Testing the integrity of the product
  • The number of cannabinoids and terpenes between batches
  • Ensuring that the product passes FDA guidelines and recommendations.

What you need to know about Cannabis Drug Testing?

Everyone has their own way of handling stress. Some people will go for a walk, some will eat a delicious meal. Some people even like to unwind with a joint or two. But when you get told you'll be subject to a cannabis drug test, what do you do?

Don't panic! Here's what you should know. Most tests will pick up THC but not CBD. There are quite a few different tests out there, including:

Urine tests

  • Hair follicle tests (which can detect weed for months)
  • Blood tests
  • Saliva tests

Urine tests are typically the most common. They're cheap and relatively easy to administer, but they may not be accurate as they are renowned for false positives and false negatives. For this reason, they are often used as a first-pass type of testing. If your employer picks up on THC in the results, you might be subject to a more robust test.

Does the Type of CBD Product Matter?

According to FDA guidelines, CBD derived from hemp should not have more than 0.3% THC. However, despite what their marketing gurus might say, many products have been tested with higher levels of THC.

Some studies have found that products labeled "full spectrum hemp-derived CBD" have caused people to test positive for THC. Does this mean you should steer clear of all full spectrum hemp products? No, but you should insist on looking at their third-party lab results before you purchase.

That said, broad-spectrum and CBD isolates may be safer if you are nervous about testing positive for THC.

Broad spectrum CBD contains all the terpenes and cannabinoids that make up the plant, except for THC. So when you consume this type of extract, you get all the benefits of cannabis without actually getting high. This is excellent news for those who need it medically but don't want to be under the influence while doing so.

Isolate is just what it sounds like: an isolated extraction of CBD only. This means it doesn't contain any other cannabinoids or terpenes.

The Bottom Line: Does CBD Show on a Drug Test?

If it's hemp-derived and contains less than 0.3% THC, it shouldn't show on a drug test. CENTR offers CBD products you can use daily without fear of drug test results. You can find the lab results with ease right here.

Disclaimer: Any information provided in the blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. THE FDA HAS NOT EVALUATED THE PRODUCTS SOLD ON THIS WEBSITE FOR SAFETY OR EFFICACY.

These products are only fit for use by adults 18 and above. Keep out of the reach of children. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a health care professional prior to use.