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CBD Drinks: How Are They Made?

CBD's popularity has opened the door for marketable products that extend past the typical tinctures and oils. There is a new craze amongst consumers; CBD drinks. But how are CBD drinks made?

CBD drinks are now rapidly taking over the spotlight from other products in the alternative health marketplace. And there's a valid reason for it.

Sure, they are a relatively new product to hit the shelves, but they've grown in popularity throughout the short time they've been available. Some people who enjoy CBD drinks say they receive similar benefits, if not the same, as CBD oil.

Many people who enjoy CBD products, including drinks, say it helps them find relief from pain, anxiety, disrupted sleep patterns, inflammation, and other symptoms.

CBD's popularity aside, are CBD drinks safe?

CBD drinks are safe. However, it is essential that you purchase your CBD drinks from a company you can trust.

Many CBD companies are looking to profit off of people's CBD curiosity. That doesn't mean all CBD products, but it does mean you need to ensure you're sourcing your CBD from a company with integrity at their center.

CENTR's CBD products are rigorously tested, and the company cares that each can contains precisely what you're looking for - no more, no less.

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When it comes to CBD products, absorption is essential. But when it comes to CBD drinks, absorption is of paramount importance.

CBD drink with cannabis leafBecause the CBD cannabinoid is an oil-based substance, without superior nanotechnology or emulsification, there is likely to be a beading that occurs. This beading is a sign that the CBD has not mixed efficiently with the liquid, and, as such, the drink you're sipping on will likely be ineffective as a CBD drink.

CENTR CBD drinks are made with superior bioavailability, offering a product that your bloodstream can easily absorb instead of passing through the digestive system.

How are CENTR's CBD and Manufacturing Methods Superior?

According to industry standards, a nano-emulsified droplet of hemp-derived CBD is between 100 and 5000 nanometers. But what you'll find in CENTR products are CBD nano-droplets that measure at just 25 nanometers. And when it comes to nanotechnology and CBD, size matters. The smaller the nano-droplet, the greater the efficacy.

CENTR's CBD drinks are made with this superior nano-emulsified CBD and infused with water and their proprietary 5-fruit ingredient recipe. The result? A delicious sparkling 30mg (or 25 mg for New Yorkers) CBD drink that is refreshing and effective.

All CENTR products are batch tested and come with a COA (certificate of analysis). But CENTR doesn't stop there. The team at CENTR reviews all the COAs to ensure they comply with all certifications and FDA regulations.

Not only is every batch tested, but they are also tested to understand the specific CBD content. The CBD content is pinpointed down to the decimal point. Multiple samples are constantly tested throughout the production process to confirm that what CENTR promises is in the can, is what customers enjoy.

What are CBD drinks? And why do you need to know how they're made?

CBD drinks are beverages that have been infused with the CBD cannabinoid. Not all CBD drinks are the same- some may be alcoholic, and others are more wellness-focused nonalcoholic drinks.

marijuana roots transplantingCompanies may make a CBD drink similar to sparkling water, a seltzer, or a sports drink. With the CBD industry, we've learned that the options for innovative products are limitless.

CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, has been enjoying success among consumers for quite some time. Its popularity has breached more than just successful sales.

We are seeing the opportunity for new research into cannabinoid's benefits and effects, as well as a wealth of interesting products. CBD drinks may be one product type in the menagerie of CBD products, but it's certainly one that seems to be gaining more traction than the average trend.

And with any successful new product, you'll find businesses with ethics less than honorable punting products they push as pure. This is why it is essential to understand how CBD drinks are made so that you can be equipped with the power to be a smart purchaser.

And not just smart with your budget, but intelligent with your choices too.


Because a low-quality CBD product can be ineffective at best and dangerous to your health at worst.

Why CBD Drinks?

It's simple; it all comes down to personal preference. If you want an earthy-tasting oil (that carries the flavor of the dirt your kid might stomp through your front door), CBD oil might be your choice.

Sure, a tincture or oil may carry additional benefits other than the taste of the earth, but the bottom line is that CBD drinks taste better. And yes, there are some flavored CBD oils on the market, but not all companies will use natural flavorings.

What’s more, it’s much easier to sip on CBD than it is to tilt your head back and try to keep up with counting the drops out of a tincture bottle.

Now, at this point, someone might bring up the point about CBD oil's higher bioavailability. However, thanks to science, that doesn't hold true. If a CBD drink is made with nanotechnology and emulsification, there is some reason to believe a CBD beverage could offer a higher bioavailability than your average CBD oil.

So, next time you're frazzled in the city streets, or looking for a better beverage to enjoy on a night out with friends, give CBD drinks a try. It might just give you the calm you're looking for in the chaos of everyday life.

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