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How do CBD Powders Work? Are they Effective?

CBD powders make it easy to incorporate CBD into a daily routine, whether you’re heading out hiking or on the go. These powders are an easy way to enjoy CBD, but what are they, and are they effective?

What are CBD powders?

A good quality CBD powder is water soluble, making it easy and effective to dissolve into water. CBD powders give us an alternative option for enjoying our daily dose of CBD without the hassle of tinctures or edibles.

Water-soluble CBD is exactly what its name tells us: it dissolves in liquid.

It is essential that CBD powder can dissolve in liquid because cannabinoids are, by nature, oil-based. If the powder wasn’t made into a water-soluble substance, the powder would simply gather as a grimy slither at the top of the liquid. This would make the CBD powder largely ineffective as the bioavailability drops significantly.

Water-soluble CBD will help improve bioavailability and absorption rate. All this means is that you will likely feel stronger effects faster.

You can add CBD powder to just about any drink or beverage, which makes it one of the most convenient CBD products on the market.

Depending on the flavor, add it to your water bottle or smoothie, or make your CBD cocktail.

How does CBD powder work?

CBD is not a naturally soluble substance, making it a hydrophobic substance. In simple terms, a hydrophobic compound simply means it does not bond with water.

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For this reason, manufacturers need to find a way to make CBD soluble, in other words, to dissolve in water. But how do manufacturers achieve this? The CBD molecules must first be made into tiny particles to merge with water molecules.

This is also known as an emulsion. CBD particles are made into nanoparticles, so they can dissolve in liquid and not bead at the water’s top. The nanoparticles are also absorbed faster in the body because the tiny CBD particles don't have to pass through the digestive system. Instead, they simply pass through the bloodstream into the cells.

As such, you will feel the effects of a CBD instant powder faster than edibles or capsules.

What is the difference between CBD powder and CBD oil?

  CBD powder CBD oil
Definition CBD powder is crystalline—produced by a highly-refined procedure—and contains more than 95% pure CBD. CBD oil is a concentrated (oil) form of CBD made from the flowers, leaves or stems of the cannabis plant.
How they’re made CBD powders are made by breaking CBD molecules into nanoparticles that can dissolve in water CBD oil is made by adding extracted CBD to a carrier oil.
Method of consumption CBD powder can be mixed in a variety of products, such as beverages or edibles. CBD oil is typically administered via a tincture or dropper bottle with a few drops under the tongue.


CBD oil

A CBD oil remains in its natural oil-based state. The cannabinoid is typically added to a carrier oil and comes in a dropper bottle for people to place a few drops under the tongue.

Powder CBD

In contrast to CBD oil, CBD powders are made by breaking CBD molecules into nanoparticles that can dissolve in water. In addition to making the CBD molecules into tiny particles, manufacturers may add emulsifiers to assist absorption rate and efficiency. The powders can be added to water or even into a smoothie.

CBD powder: the science behind it

Nanotechnology, emulsification, nanoparticles; it all seems rather complex at first. Let’s simplify things.

With nanotechnology, the CBD molecules are transfigured into tiny nanoparticles. These tiny particles can now be soluble in water and more readily absorbed into the body.


While we don’t know everything about nanotechnology and CBD absorption, we know that the body can assimilate oil-based nanoparticles more easily than if they are larger in their natural form.

But what is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is based on the use of ultrasonic waves to transform larger particles into nanoparticles. The ultrasonic waves use pressure to explode the individual, larger particles into smaller ones, measured in nanometers. For some perspective, one nanometer is the size of one-billionth of a meter.

But nanotechnology is not enough. Manufacturers will add emulsifiers to the particles to assist the nanoparticles in their mixing with water.

These particles are so tiny that they can easily absorb directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.

Why should you Choose CENTR Instant Drink Powders?

The instant CBD 'grab and go' powders were created to help you incorporate CBD into your daily routine more easily than before. This means it is even easier than before to enjoy those CENTR moments.

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Every single serving of CENTR Instant is ready to mix: simply stir or shake into water or any beverage, and you’re ready to go, wind down, or anything in between.
Each flavor contains 20mg of CBD and is on a mission to help you Find Your CENTR in an Instant.

CENTR ensures all their products, including the Instant Drink Powders, are made with nanoemulsion technology, creating a product with high bioavailability. Check out the COAs to see precisely how much CBD and other helpful natural ingredients are included in each sachet.

CENTR offers three different Instant Drink Powders to choose from:


CENTR Instant Balance is a convenient way to incorporate balance into whatever you are doing, wherever you are. You can enjoy at any time to enjoy and balance out your day, whether that’s first thing in the morning, during the day, or just before bed. The Instant Balance powders are free from caffeine, so you can sleep soundly if you take it in the evening. They are also unflavoured, so why not add it to your morning smoothie? Or, just keep it simple, dissolve it in your water bottle so you can be sipping on CBD throughout the day.


CENTR Instant Recover contains electrolytes, antioxidants, and vitamins that help replenish nutrients lost during any activity—whether you're at the gym, on a hike, or just cleaning out your garage.

Its refreshing cucumber and yuzu flavor is the perfect thirst quencher.


The CENTR Instant Relax is designed to help you reconnect with yourself. This could be poolside or in your most comfortable chair—wherever and whenever you choose!

In addition to being a convenient, single-serve product, the pomegranate and hibiscus powder offers a delicious flavor that soothes you during stressful times.

Can’t decide? Why not try them all? CENTR Instant family of super-convenient powders are available in a variety pack. The Sampler Pack includes four sachets of CENTR Instant Balance, Recover and Relax—just enough for you to find out which one connects best with your lifestyle.