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How long does a CBD drink stay in your system?

CBD drinks are popular, and people want to know more about them. One main question is this: How long does a CBD drink stay in your system?

If you're curious about CBD drinks, there's likely a question on your mind: How Long Does a CBD drink stay in your system?

How long does CBD stay in the body?

The method used to take CBD affects how long it lasts in your system. When you inhale CBD, you feel the effect fast but not for very long. The opposite is true for edibles. But what about CBD drinks? Well, it depends on the drink. The primary factor affecting how long CBD stays in your system is its absorption rate.

That’s to say, some CBD drinks take longer to digest than others. It also depends on whether you have any other drugs or alcohol in your body at the time of consumption. These substances affect your metabolism as well. As you can see, there are a few influencing factors. In this article, we'll offer a concise answer up front and then go into further details.

If you want to learn more about how CBD interacts with your body, we've got all the answers.

We’ll cover how CBD is absorbed into your body and metabolized. We’ll discuss the differences between long-term use of CBD versus a one-time dose. We'll look at how that can change when it comes out of your system again.

Quick Look: How Long will a 10 mg CBD Drink Stay in your system?

Time Passed: 3 Hours

  • Single Dose: +/- 5 mg
  • Long-Term or Frequent Use: +/- 10 mg


Time Passed: 24 Hours

  • Single Dose: +/- 0.3 mg
  • Long-Term or Frequent Use: +/- 8 mg


Time Passed: 3 Days

  • Single Dose: +/- 0 mg
  • Long-Term or Frequent Use: +/- 5 mg


Time Passed: 1 Week

  • Single Dose: +/- 0 mg
  • Long-Term or Frequent Use: +/- 2.3 mg

The Bottom Line Up Front: How Long Does a CBD Drink Stay in your System?

For most users, single-use CBD will be out of the system within 24 hours. Regular use may require a week or more to completely clear from the body. But that's just a number. The duration of the effects will vary from person to person based on many factors. Including: how much CBD you take, how often you use it, and how your body reacts to it.

What Happens When CBD Is Consumed at a Much Lower Dose Than Usual?

It follows that lower doses of CBD will pass through the bloodstream faster than higher ones.

According to a study published in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, 1.35 mg of CBD can be detected for 6 hours after ingestion.

It is essential to understand that the time frame can vary from person to person. It’s also essential to consider other factors affecting how quickly CBD leaves your system.

These factors are:

  • How you consume CBD
  • Your metabolic rate
  • How frequently you take or use CBD
  • Dosage (how much you take)
  • What other medications are in your system
  • Age (the older you are, the slower your metabolism)


Reports show that low dosages can exit the system a few hours after use. Other studies indicate that it can take several days. This shows how differently people can respond to CBD.

It is crucial that the time frame can vary from person to person. It’s also essential to consider other factors that may affect how quickly CBD leaves your system.

A single dose of CBD can remain detectable for up to five days, according to the Journal of Analytical Toxicology.

effects of CBD

5 Factors that Influence How Long CBD Stays in the Body

Let’s take a closer look at how the different factors can influence how long CBD stays in your system


CBD stays in your system longer if you take it at higher doses. If you take a small dose, it may be out of your system relatively quickly. If you use large doses, however, the drug can remain in your body for up to several weeks after use. This is especially true for frequent users who build up high levels of CBD in their fatty tissues over time.

Frequency of Use

Because CBD is highly soluble in fat, frequent use can cause it to build up in your system over time and stay there longer.

It can remain in an individual's fatty tissues for an extended period after CBD has been used heavily. Therefore, it may be present in heavy users' systems weeks after its last use.

Liver Processing and Medication Interaction

Certain medical conditions may affect how long CBD stays in your system. The liver will often metabolize CBD. People with liver disease or who take other medications also metabolized by the liver will have altered levels of CBD in their blood.

Some substances can either stimulate or inhibit the liver's production of certain enzymes.

For example, when certain medications are metabolized too quickly or slowly in the body, they can cause unwanted reactions.

This is why it is often recommended talking with your doctor if you are on medication before taking CBD.

Type of Diet

Eating a high-fat meal increases the amount of CBD in your bloodstream. How does this work/ Well, a high-fat diet (yes, even the good fats) will cause the CBD to remain in your bloodstream for longer.

If you take CBD by itself on an empty stomach and don’t eat for hours afterward, the effects will dissipate more quickly. The same goes for how long CBD remains in your bloodstream.

In addition, eating high-fat foods like avocados, cheese and nuts can help your body absorb CBD more effectively. Studies found that the bioavailability of CBD is significantly increased when it is taken with such foods.

Type of Administration

Consuming CBD through different mediums will affect how long it stays in your system.

A 2018 review found that smoking or inhaling CBD causes the compound to enter and leave the bloodstream faster.

And the same review found that CBD products taken sublingual can stay in your system for up to five days.

Because CBD is rapidly absorbed through the lungs, smoking or inhaling it can have a more immediate effect than consuming CBD orally. Edibles take longer to feel because they must pass through digestion first.

However, frequency of use is vital when it comes to CBD and how long it stays in your system. It can have a more significant effect than all the other factors.
CBD molecules are fat-soluble, which means they can be stored and released from the body over time. The longer someone uses CBD, the more likely it is that traces of it will remain in their body.

But what about water-based CBD drinks?

There’s one question that remains unanswered: What about water-based CBD drinks?

CBD coffee will pass through the digestive system. So that we can gather it will take longer to feel the effects than sublingual or inhalation. But what about water-based drinks?

We know that if we drink water on an empty stomach, it reaches the bloodstream within five minutes or less. So we can assume CBD Sparkling water can be felt within minutes- unlike a different drink or edible.

The amount of time CBD stays in your system will then be less than how long edibles stay in your system. Like vaping CBD or CBD oils, CBD Sparkling water will also take a few hours to a few days to exit the system.

But, we have to remember the golden rules. Firstly, how often do you drink CBD? This will influence how long CBD will stay in your system. Drinking it as a once-off could make the CBD stay in your system for only a few hours.

Drinking CBD frequently could make it stay in your system for several days. Secondly, are you drinking CBD on an empty stomach? And are you eating high-fat meals after you consume your tasty CBD drink? If you are drinking it on an empty stomach, you’ll not only experience the effects faster, but it will exit your system faster too. If your diet is high in fat, the CBD will remain in your system for longer.

The Bottom Line: How Long Does CBD Last In Your System?

CBD Drinks based on water will absorb into your bloodstream within five minutes and should pass through your system within a few hours.

But, remember, this is based on several factors. What if you use CBD long-term? It can take up to a week or more for the compound build-up in your blood and fat storage to clear completely. The amount of CBD that remains in your body after taking it depends on the dosage used and how often it's taken.

However, all forms of CBD are absorbed differently. Since the CBD water does not have to pass through the liver and the first-pass metabolism, it will take less time for you to feel the effects. Also, in comparison to oral CBD products like edibles or even capsules, CBD water takes a shorter amount of time to exit the system. Another important factor is your diet- is your diet rich in fats? Whether healthy fats (olive oil, nuts, etc.), it makes no difference. CBD is a fat-soluble compound. Therefore, a diet rich in fat is likely to increase the length of time it takes to exit your system.

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