how to make your own cbd drink

How to Make a CBD Drink | What you need to know

CBD-infused products, like edibles, beverages, and oils, have become extremely popular among both health food enthusiasts and home chefs. As CBD has gained popularity, a growing number of companies have begun to produce and sell related products. The latest innovation is CBD-infused beverages.

The popularity of CBD is growing, and now there's a drinkable form that makes it easy for anyone to enjoy.

Adding CBD to a Drink

Adding CBD to your morning coffee or smoothie can bring you a sense of well-being and optimism to set the tone for the day. You could also add CBD to sparkling water (or regular water if you prefer) to hit those daily water goals while getting your CBD in as well.

If you want something relaxing at the end of the day, try adding CBD to your favorite beverage.

You can add CBD to any drink you choose—whether it's your favorite iced tea or a tall glass of lemonade, the choice is entirely up to you.

How Much CBD Should You Add?

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If you’re new to CBD, start small and work your way up until you find the right dose for you. You may want to take a lower dose (about 20 mg) at first if you’re not used to consuming it—or just experimenting with it. You can always add more if needed.

What Type of CBD Should You Add?

CBD Instant Powder sachets make it easy to add CBD to any drink or smoothie. Not just because they dissolve easily and have a high bioavailability rate, but because they are pre-portioned packets. When you open one packet, you get 20 mg of CBD- you don't have to try to measure out drops like with a tincture or oil.

CBD Instant Powder sachets are perfect for people who want to take a quick dose of CBD on the go. The packets dissolve easily in water, hot or cold beverages, and smoothies. You can even use them in cooking and baking! Each packet contains 20 mg of CBD per serving- no more measuring required.

Adding CBD to a Smoothie

Smoothies can be a healthy way to start the day, providing vitamins and nutrients that are hard to get in other ways.

  • To make a smoothie, throw the fruit and vegetables into your blender.
  • Put your milk or favorite non-dairy substitute first. Then add any other ingredients you'd like to use, such as yogurt for extra thickness.
  • After all those steps are completed, you can add the CBD at that point.
  • Once you're done adding everything, blend your smoothie like normal. When it reaches the desired consistency, pour it out of the blender and enjoy!
  • You can enjoy an infused smoothie as a great post-workout treat: this CENTR CBD Instant Powder contains ingredients (like ​​electrolytes, antioxidants, adaptogens and vitamins) that work together to help you find your CENTR before or after any activity—whether that’s a sweaty workout at the gym, a long hike with friends or just tidying up around your house..

CBD Infused Mocktails

If you don’t want to add CBD powder to your morning routine, another option is to infuse drinks at the end of the day.

CBD-infused mocktails are a tonic for your soul. Whether you want to enjoy them amongst friends, under the stars, or relaxing in the bath, CBD mocktails are a fun and soothing way to enjoy your CBD.

  • Simply add the ingredients for your mocktail of choice (for example, pineapple juice, mint, or lemonade) to a shaker with ice.
  • Add in your CBD Instant Powder of your choice. The CENTR Recover Instant has a refreshing cucumber and yuzu flavor, making it the perfect mocktail refresher. Meanwhile, the CENTR Instant Balance is unflavored so you can add whatever flavors you want to create your own unique CBD mocktail without adding extra flavors.
  • Once you have added all the ingredients and filled it with ice cubes, close the container securely.
  • You can pour the contents of your cocktail shaker into a glass and enjoy!
  • If you want to add a garnish, consider fresh mint leaves or slices of fruit.
  • You can also choose to add alcohol if you prefer a cocktail that has more of an alcoholic kick.

Enjoying a CBD Drink is Easy with CENTR

If you are pressed for time or just want to enjoy a CBD infused drink on the go, you can enjoy a can of CENTR CBD Sparkling Water, infused with 30 mg CBD per can; you don't have to do any mixing, just grab a can and enjoy!

When you drink an infused beverage, the kind that you choose is entirely up to you: customize the amount of CBD in your drink and enjoy a personalized experience. The possibilities are endless, and deciding what works best for your lifestyle is up to you.

What’s your favorite drink to add CBD to?